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September 2012 Newsletter


Salt printing - learn from Ellie Young

Get deep into salt prints with Ellie Young's manual, see new work from artists and also, don't forget it's only 2 weeks left until the deadline of the 2013 calendar competition - with extra chances for members! Read on...

The salt print manual

THE EXTRACT: Ellie Young, the author of the Salt print manual has let us add a chapter of her book on how to expose the print. Read How to expose a salt print here. This is the challenging and exciting part of the process. While exposing negatives on the sensitized paper you can observe your image as it appears. You have control over the intensity of the light and the length of exposure which affects the colour and density of the final print.

THE BOOK: The salt print was first photographic process on paper, but it's still in use today. In Ellie Young's practical manual The salt print manual you will learn how to make salt prints. The manual is available here for 59 dollars including postage anywhere in the world.

2013 Calendar competition

For the fourth year running the calendar competition is now open for entries – alt proc only. Deadline Friday 14th of September 2012. As well as having the chance to be included in the calendar, there are also prizes for all of the 12 who make it into the 2013 calendar.

2 new artists

Sonia Macak

Sonia Macak from Australia loves traveling in time and photographing "the olden days way". She challenges herself with wetplate collodions and relaxes with salt prints.

Jim Sincock

Jim Sincock is a fine artist from Lakewood, Colorado, USA. He captures landscapes and nature using the wet plate collodion process.

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