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October 2012 Newsletter


The winners of the 2013 calendar competition have been announced

The 4th calendar is created from a competition where 12 winning photographs were selected from 117 entries. All were made with an alternative photographic process, like cyanotype, pinhole, kallitype, wet plate collodion or other. There is some really good work in there that you can enjoy all year! The quality of the work entered was exceptionally high. We really hope you get a calendar for yourself and anyone else interested in alt. proc.

2013 Calendar

Week starting Monday: 18.99 USD Go to Lulu shop

Week starting Sunday: 18.99 USD Go to Lulu shop


The calendar measures 11x17 inches open. Printed in full color.

The winning photographs - in no particular order

Emma Powell: Against the Storm - Toned cyanotype

Lada Tazetdinova: Without #05 - Oilprint

J. M. Magano: Le pre bain - Gum bichromate

Matel Rokke: 32 Weeks - Lumen Print

Donna M Webb: Mammoth Hot Springs - Platinum/palladium over gold leaf

Ivan B. Palli: The Mist. Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh - Lith print

Ira Khorunzhaya: Breeze - Tricolour gum

Josef Safranek: Herbst - Gum bichromate

Sonia Macak: Missing Charlie - Tintype

Pol Godelaine: Viet Women on Sand Dunes - Polymer photogravure

Philip Renner: Moment of Reflectio - Three color gum bichromate

Hendrik Faure: Fleur du mal - Copperplate heliogravure

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