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August 2012 newsletter


Experimenting with chemistry, 4 new artists and a new book

Some artists have found a little spare time during the summer to get their gallery organized. 4 new artist join us. There is also a new book on Kirlian photography and a short piece on how to mix Chemigrams and Lumen prints. Enjoy. And enjoy the last of the summer and prepare for what is coming soon... the 2013 Calendar competition. We'll keep you posted!

Chemilumens - combining chemigrams and lumen prints

Chemilumens – combining chemigrams and lumen prints

Fabio Giorgi gives us a brief overview on how to combine two processes: Chemigrams and Lumen prints.

New book - on Kirlian photography

Kirlian photography - a hands on guide

Check out John Iovine's book on Kirlian photography - use your camera to take Electrophotography photographs.

4 new artists

Jon Lybrook

Jon Lybrook from Boulder Colorado, USA, works in photopolymer gravure. He comes from a background in film and painting.

Trace Nichols

Trace Nichols is a photopolymer gravure artist and photography educator from Aspen, Colorado.

John Dearing

John Dearing from North Carolina, USA works without a camera. Here are his Anthotypes, Cyanotypes and Lumen prints.

Skip Smith

Skip Smith from Langley, Washington, USA, works in Lith prints and Photograms both lith developed on positive paper.

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