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Acrylic lifts and transfers and two new artist - that's it for the summer!

The summer is here and you'll probably be taking a lot of photographs. Consider getting a gallery here to show your new work. We'll keep updating the website as usual during the summer, but maybe just a little less frequent than usual. Enjoy the summer!

Article: Acrylic lift and transfer

Acrylic gel lift and transfer: Acrylic side up version – an alternative to an alternative process

Brady Wilks takes us through the acrylic gel lift and transfer in a step by step complete with trouble shooting.

2 new artists

Gene Bagdonas

Gene Bagdonas from Australia has tried "almost all" alternative photographic processes. He is now focusing on gum bichromates.

Kevin Logghe

Kevin Logghe sees alt proc as an indispensable tool in conveying emotional experience of this subjects. He works with Bromoils, Platinum, Palladium, Gum and Hand painting.

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