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June 2012 newsletter


Different papers in the anthotype process and 3 new artists

Further research of the anthotype process has been done by Heather Siple. And, we have the work of 3 new artists to show.

A lot of work has been done to the gallery behind the scenes. Hopefully you have not noticed anything at all, but there has been a major upgrade. And while we're on the subject, a reminder to artists: before you take off for the summer, don't forget to update your gallery or to you who don't have one... get a gallery.

Article: Anthotype papers

Anthotypes: How different paper effects the emulsion color

Heather Siple experiments with anthotypes to find out which impact different types of paper base has on the color of the plant emulsion.

3 new artists

Elizabeth Graves

A San Francisco artist working with cyanotype, vandyke and collodion and a few other processes. Elizabeth is a keen experimenter with all sorts of alternative photographic processes.

John Iovine

John Iovine takes a science approach to photography and works in the Kierlian process involving electricity and photo paper.

St Petersburg College, Florida, USA, 2012

Frank Duffy taught alternative photography processes at St Petersburg College in Clearwater Florida during the Spring Semester 2012. The students worked in cyanotype, pinhole, liquid light, vandyke brown and gum.

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