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February 2012 Newsletter


Open bloggers and Texas Chrysotype

We just had to do another February newsletter. There has been so much going on we would like you to know about...

3 new artists have entered their work, 3 of our Open bloggers have been writing and there is a new version of the Chrysotype process - from Texas.

Open bloggers

Nancy Breslin

Nancy has been writing up her course in Alternative photographic processes taught at the University of Delaware, follow her 5 weeks, by starting here on week 1. You can also see the final work of her students here.

Peter J. Blackburn

Peter keeps the discussions hot calling for Radicals, Rebels, and Revolutionaries. You are encouraged to chip in with your 5 cents on the subject!

Elizabeth Graves

Finally, Elizabeth shares her thoughts on Faux-Alt-Process Digital Images. Do join in!

3 new artists

Jesús Ricardo Flores Márquez

Jesús Ricardo Flores Márquez is from Jalisco in Mexico and works with Ambrotypes.

Rebecca Bruyn

Rebecca Bruyn from Cape Cod in USA works with cyanotypes as an expression of a love of light and a passion of history.

Jeremy Cosmo Davies

Jeremy Cosmo Davies is a fine art student from the UK working with cyanotypes.

The chrysotype process - a version from Texas

The Texas Chrysotype process

Richard Puckett's process for printing continuous tone gold prints is simple and affordable. It is a true dry print out process: you can examine the print during exposure to determine when you image is just right.

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