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February 2012 Newsletter


Christina Z. Anderson's book is here

We've waited, we've been patient and now Christina Z. Anderson's Experimental Photography Workbook is finally available in it's 6th edition.

Many of you have heard of him or read his newsletters. Now we get to know the man behind the Photographers' Formulary's newsletter - Anthony Mournian.

And for those of you who are itching to try anthotypes we have step-by-step instructions for you below.

Experimental Photography Workbook - 6th edition

Experimental photographyExperimental Photography Workbook – New edition!

We have not seen it yet, but we hear it's good. The 6th edition is a completely revised and updated version, professionally published, now with full-color images from over 100 photographers illustrating all processes. Read more.

Anthotypes how-to and interview

Interview with Anthony Mournian

Anthony Mournian is the newsletter editor for the Photographers’ Formulary, he is also a granddad and took his grandson to China.

Anthotypes – step by step instructions to making a print using plants

It is possible to print photographs using nothing but juice extracted from the petals of flowers, the peel from fruits and pigments from plants. We'll show you how.

Last chance to get the calendar...

The 2012 calendar - with some truly beautiful work from 12 artists

Do get a copy, it will inspire you all year. Read more.

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