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November 2011 Newsletter


New artists and how to color separate for gum bichromates

This month we have work from 4 new artists, and an article from Selby Markham on how to color separate digital negs using the freeware Gimp. And, don't forget to get our new 2012 calendar with beautiful work.

A whole year worth of photos

The 2012 calendar - with some truly beautiful work from 12 artists

Do get a copy or two... one for yourself and one for someone else. Read more.

4 new artists in the galleries

Margrieta Jeltema

Margrieta Jeltema was born under Northern skies, in the Netherlands, but lives with her family in Italy, near Milan and works in Albumen prints.

Dominic Turner

Dominic Turner is a fine art photographer based in Dublin, Ireland sharing his Gum bichromates with us.

Angela Young

Angela Young photographs bodies in photopolymer gravure and photolitography to address the issue of objectified body consciousness.

Robert Pawlowski

Robert Pawlowski - a commercial photographer found his place with the painting-style qualities possible with the oil print process.

New article

CMYK Colour Separation using the Gimp

Selby Markham writes a step-by-step to CMYK colour separation for gum bichromate printing - but not with Photoshop - he used the freeware Gimp.

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