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August 2011 Newsletter


We missed you too!

Yes, we know, there has not been a newsletter since April. I guess sometimes summer, (oh I mean work) gets in the way. Summer has been good. We have been holding workshops, attending workshops, and working hard on the next book, which is going to be about Anthotypes - making photographs using plants. We are hoping it will be published around the new year. Hope you enjoyed your summer too!

For those of you holding workshops, exhibitions or any other event, don't forget to add it to our events listing.

This weekend a brand new photofestival is taking place in Sweden, The Uppsala Fotofest. It features lots of exhibitions, talks and workshops. For those who want to hold an event, a talk or a workshop next year, contact Idit Margulis on

4 new artists to inspire you to do great work this autumn:

Kåre Bondeson
Kåre Bondeson is a virologist in Sweden who also teaches workshops at Uppsala Photographic Society and prints in cyanotype and photopolymer.

Donna Webb
Donna Webb was introduced to alternative processes in Montana, studying for her BA. She works in many processes and shows her hand painted photographs, her platinum and gum.

Chris Byrnes
Chris Byrnes is an Australian photographer after spending 9 years taking a BA. She loves printmaking and shows her cyanotypes, pinholes and vandykes.

Jalo Porkkala
Jalo Porkkala studied photography and works in Finland. He works in just about every alternative process under the sun. Here, everything from anthotypes to ziatypes.

A Non-Silver Manual: the best free-bee of the year!

We have not been on the lazy side this summer... A few months ago Sarah van Keuren told me it’s time for her to retire, and that she won’t be reprinting the manual once it runs out. My heart sank. I have myself been using the manual both as an excellent reference and to prepare workshops. I know many more in the alternative photographic community could use this information as well. I contacted Sarah, who very kindly agreed to give the manual away to the community for free. So, the entire book is now available on The collected knowledge can thus continue to be passed on. Read it. Use it.
Start reading A Non-Silver Manual totally free.

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