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February 2011 Newsletter


Lots of new articles and artists

Ok, so it's not February yet. But, there has been so many new exciting additions to AlternativePhotography, so we'll do a newsletter anyway... There are plenty of new articles and artists below!

Artist groups and associations now have their own section. Take a look to see if there is a group where you are. If you HAVE a group not listed here. Don't hesitate to send in for a group page, it is free for groups.

New photographic groups

Uppsala Photographic Society - updated page
North of Stockholm, Sweden a group of photographers from the Uppsala Photographic Society have put their darkrooms back in use, printing cyanotypes, liths, photopolymer and more.

European Travelling Portfolio 2010
The third European Travelling Portfolio, started by Hellena Cleary and Alex Chater with participants from Europe.

Click Academy
Click Academy (Akademia Pstryk) was founded by photographer and artist Marta Kotlarska. The group use pinhole photography as a means of social change.

New articles

Monocles lens: Designing a single element lens

Carlo Ponzoni designs a lens. In the first part of the article he works on dimension and aperature.

Locomotives and pinholes

Work continues from the Romano Bumburumbum project with Roma children. This time a artists from Click Academy in Poland have collaborated with a group of Polish young people making illustrations from Julian Tuwim’s locomotive poem – in pinhole.

Calotypes: Ancient ways, modern views

Calotypy for the 21st Century; Pt1: Dr Hugh Diamond’s Single Solution Process: Christopher Wright gives us a history of Calotypes before explaining how to make calotype prints.

New artist in the galleries

Katy Baker

Katy has been involved in photography as long as she can remember and had her own darkroom since 16. She shows us her Lumen prints.

Diana Bloomfield

Diana Bloomfield from North Carolina, USA, is a writer and photographer working in many processes: cyanotypes, gum, platinum, hand painted and platinum and palladium.

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A beautiful calendar with 12 photographs - made with alternative photographic processes. Get the calendar.

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