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January 2011 Newsletter


5 new year resolutions

New year resolutions... don't you just love them, and love to break them? Well, here are 5 resolutions that are not too hard to keep.

New years resolution 1: Read up on a new subject

A remarkable affair involving a major auction house, an eminent photohistorian and an early photograph

An excerpt from "What's wrong with Daguerre?" by Hans Rooseboom.

New years resolution 2: Support something you believe in!

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New years resolution 3: Update or get a gallery!

Frank Gerald Hegewald

Frank - a German photographer is expressing his work in cyanotype, and experiments with different surfaces, like paper, stone and glas. He often tones or colors his work to add an extra dimension.

Yves Tourmen

A pharmacist and biologist from Angers in France who started out with his first camera photographing his family and children has now turned to gum bichromates.

New years resolution 4: Get organized!

This beautiful calendar with 12 photographs - made with alternative photographic processes - will help you plan your time. Get the calendar.

New years resolution 5: Keeping up with what's going on!

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