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December 2010 Newsletter


Christmas approaching fast!

For our American readers Thanksgiving is over, and for all of us, Christmas is approaching. We hope there will be SOME time for alt. proc. during these busy times. A good gift could be a book or a calendar to spark a new interest.

This beautiful calendar with 12 photographs - made with alternative photographic processes - will make a good present for anyone - with an interest in photography or not. Get the calendar.

The quick and easy way to learn how to build a pinhole camera! A good gift for an aspiring pinhead. Order using this link and you'll get a 20% discount. Click here to get the discount - ordinary price 29.50.

Blueprint to cyanotypes is a Clearly illustrated step-by-step guide to cyanotypes, a great gift for old and young. Get Blueprint to cyanotypes.

Showing the work of 115 artists currently working in alt. proc. Art & Artist looks good on any coffee table. Get Art & Artists.


Auer's Nature Printing

Nicolai Klimaszewski explains Auer’s nature print process with variations. The process can render a detailed continuous tone print of an object without using a camera.

New artist in the galleries

Scott Barnes

A printmaker and outdoor adventurer who naturally prints his landscapes in photo polymer gravures.

Tim McCoy

Tim started taking photos with a Rolliflex and explored the darkroom. After studying art he bought a field camera and develops his prints in Palladium.

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