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October 2010 Newsletter


Toning & Polaroid & Artists

Want to know how the latest Polaroid film from the Impossible Project is shaping up? Want to know how you tone black and whites without damaging the environment? Read on!


2011 Calendar Competition - Deadline extended to 8th October!

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Toning black & white photographs with organic materials

Terri Sprinkle gives plenty of tips how to tone and hand color black & white photographs, the classic way and the organic way.

Impossible Project Silver Shade Film: so very temperature sensitive

The Impossible Project (the IP) has been releasing their re-engineered integral films for use in Polaroid cameras this year, and before trying out any manipulations or lifts, Elizabeth Graves took two versions of their monochrome film for a test drive in a Polaroid 600 camera to view their unique characteristics.

New artists in the galleries

Brandon Geistdoerfer-Munger

A self-taught photographer from the midwest. Now living in New York, he makes cyanotypes of the urban landscapes.

Matt Holtby

Doing it all from scratch, Matt Holtby designs his own cameras, takes pinhole photographs and sometimes prints them in lith or cyanotype. He lives on Widbey Island in the Northwest of the US.

Piotr Syguda

Piotr Syguda is from Johns Creek in USA. His work consists of carbon prints, cyanotypes and kallitypes from the landscapes around his area.

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