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August 2010 Newsletter


Last day of summer

At the last day of summer we're squeezing out the August newsletter. Yes, we've had a busy summer, and so have you, judging by all the artists updating or joining the galleries! Enjoy and get inspired!

Interview with Joy Goldkind

Joy Goldkind took up photography at the age of 50. Here she talks about her bromoil work of dancers, geishas, and drag queens and how she found the bromoil process.

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New artists in the galleries

Andrew J. Currie

Andrew J. Currie from Virginia, USA, started out with his fathers old Minolta a decade ago. Today he works in lithprints, builds his own large-format cameras and is experimenting with dry plates.

Scott Wittenburg

Scott Wittenburg is a photography teacher and the host of Photography 101, the top photo podcast on iTunes. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA, and shows a range of processes.

Sandra C. Davis

Inspired by Sarah Van Keuren, Sandra C. Davis, from Philadelphia, PA, USA prints gum bichromates, made from a single grayscale digital negative. They have 4-6 layers of color each.

Dan Jones

A graphic designer from Pasadena, California, USA whose main focus is the Wet plate collodion process, but sometimes works in other processes too.

Arunas Kulikauskas

Arunas, a Lithuanian artitist, living in New York, USA works mainly with pinholes and polaroid emulsion lifts.

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