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July 2010 Newsletter


Multi-pinhole cameras: why and how

As if pinhole cameras were not enough, here is an article on multi-pinhole cameras, originally written for Diffusion magazine. Learn what several exposures can bring to your image.

David Lewis also browse though the bromoil history, and two new artists join us.

Adventures with multi-pinhole cameras

Malin Fabbri builds and tests multi-pinhole cameras. An excerpt from Diffusion magazine, volume II.

Get the beginners’ pinhole book

From pinhole to print will guide you from drilling your first pinhole to printing your first pinhole photograph.

History of the bromoil process

The history of the bromoil process and an excerpt from the David W. Lewis’ book The art of Bromoil and Transfer.

2 new artists in the galleries

Kimbre Woods

Kimbre Woods, got so hooked on Alt processes, that she moved to a small mountain town in Colorado and opened a gallery. She prints out of a cubby hole, unless of course she's run off with her camera. "Fifth Street Gallery" will be featuring local artists, and artists from abroad - many from this website.

Cristiana Setaro

Cristiana Setaro is an Italian photographer based in London. She shows us her landscapes printed in lith.

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