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June 2010 Newsletter


Polaroid SX-70 manipulations are back!

The Impossible Project - bless them - have worked hard on keeping the old Polaroid films in production. For those of you who are new to Polaroid SX-70 manipulations Scott Wittenburg shows you how.

There is also work from over 10 photographers, new and old and a photography group from Glen Echo.

Scott Wittenburg's shows us how to do SX-70 manipulations

Lesson 31 of Photography 101 by Scott Wittenburg. Scott Wittenburg's podcast on how to manipulate Polaroid SX-70 photographs. 12 minutes long.

3 new artists and a group - get inspired!

Marcia Petterson

Marcia Petterson, from London, UK, is currently on her way to a degree in Photography at Thames Valley University. Apart from photography, she is also passionate about music. She shows us her mordancages, and pinhole & solargraphs in combination with lith.

Francis Schanberger

As a result of allergic reaction to pollen, Francis became a student of nature, which in turn lead him to document his investigations in the Vandyke process.

Jennifer Newman

Jennifer Newman is a former art student who taught herself photography, inspired by this website she learned a range of alternative photographic processes and shows us her Lumen prints and Photograms.

Glen Echo Photoworks Alternantive Photographers

Glen Echo Photoworks Alternative Photographers is a unique community of photographers, located in the arts colony of Glen Echo Park, the members show their temperaprints.

6 current member artists updates their galleries!

Andrew Glover

Andrew Glover, a Carbon printer from LA, USA and a long standing member of the galleries adds further prints to his existing collection of Carbon landscapes.

Marydorsey Wanless

Marydorsey Wanless is a photographer and educator from Kansas, USA shows her Gum bichromate landscapes and Tintype portraits.

Wendy Currie

Wendy Currie, from Melbourne, Australia, currently hooked on vandykes and vandykes over cyanotypes shows her work. She also has a neat collection of pinhole cameras, from Zeroimage she frequently uses.

Alexey Alexeev

Alexey Alexeev lives in St Petersburg, Russia where he works as a photographer and researcher. He shows us his portraits, made in the wetplate collodion process - ambrotypes.

Francis Baker

Francis Baker, one of the first artists that joined the galleries here, is now exploring gum bichromates, and has added his new work. His older work also includes cyanotypes and vandykes, separate and in combination.

Susan Huber

Susan Huber's choice to work in Print out Papers stems from the desire to achieve the look of Albumen prints. She shows her wonderful landscapes.

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