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May 2010 Newsletter


Diffusion magazine, volume II, finally here!

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day took place on April 25th, but more about that in the next newsletter. The next issue of Diffusion is out, and it's worth taking a peek at. As well as new books and new work from artists.

Diffusion magazine, unconventional photography, volume II, 2010.

The next issue of this superb magazine is finally here. Take a look at the preview articles. Not to be missed!

3 new artists - plenty more inspiring prints!

Barbara Maloney

Barbara Maloney from Dayton, Maryland, USA shows us her Photopolymer gravures and temperaprints.

Dennis Hodges

Dennis Hodges lives in Budapest, Hungary. He works in Polaroid emulsion lifts.

Nori Shibata

Nori Shibata from Tokyo uses the POP – Print out paper process to share his images of Japan.

2 new books on the art of pinholing

Camera Obscura: Modern Primitivism

An art book by Darius Kuzmickas: Camera Obscura: Modern Primitivism.

Ocean Pinholes

An art book with pinholes: Ocean pinholes - Photographs by Darius Kuzmickas.

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