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March 2010 Newsletter


Our new website is launched

There are tons of new stuff. You can add your own art for sale, sell equipment or place and ad for a job in our Classified section, if you are a supplier, you can list your business, you can comment on articles, and we have started an Open blog with guest bloggers!

We hope that you'll also find what you need easier. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Go to: and check it out!

There are also 4 new artists in our galleries!

Devon Johnson

from Virginia specializes in archaic and historic photographic practices and show us his Print out Papers (POPs).

Kate Mocak

from Slovakia shows us some new work in gum and gum over cyanotype.

Christina Z. Anderson

from Montana, USA updates her gallery with a very personal series of tricolor gum over cyanotype.

Tamás Varga

from Hungary works in a large range of alternative photographic processes and also makes his own cameras.

If you want more - or something different - let us know!

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