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January 2010 Newsletter


Put yourself on the map

Travelling in 2010? Put yourself on the map, and see where other alt. proc. photographers are based, meet up, and have some fun! If you're not travelling, you can share your new in our community, and our newly open Flickr group. But, before you start, check out our 4 latest artists.

New artists

Johannes Madiol

already shows his Platinum prints here, and has now also added his Liths.

Quinn Jacobson

has sent us updated work, showing off his wetplate collodions.

Indra Moonen

from the Netherlands, shows her Wet plate collodion ambrotype portraits.

Wojciech Potocki

from Polen, shows his pinhole photographs.

Community news

Join our Flickr group

Our galleries are still our main place to show work, but our new Flickr group is great for getting feedback on your latest work. Join us.

Add yourself to our Google Map

the map for for alt. proc. people around the world!

How to add yourself:

  • Click "Save to my maps"
  • Click the "Edit" button
  • Take a blue dot and put it where you are.
  • Add your info in the box.
  • Click the "Done" button.

That's it!

More ways to interact

Check out our Community page for more ways to interact.

The 2010 Calendar

For all of you who have not yet gotten your calendar for the year. Take a look. ~ contact us ~ © copyright, all rights reserved