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January 2010 Newsletter


Gum for beginners and your ideas, please!

For those of you who have not tried gum, here is an easy how to, plus inspiring work from two new artists. And... we know you're full of good ideas. Share them in our ideas forum.

New article

Gum printing basics

Seth got so into making gum, he even made his own gum kit - to help beginners getting started. Here he shows how he makes his prints.

New artists

Joe Profita

from Bishop, California shares his Cyanotype Rex, Palladiums and a Salt print.

Fabien Cayere

from the Basque area in France, shares his Gum bichromates.

We love your ideas!

Ideas forum

Post your ideas for our website, articles or any other thing you would like to see. If you don't have any ideas of your own, you can vote on others ideas. To ideas forum.

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