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Decembers 2009 Newsletter


Winners of the book!

The three winners who will be receiving the third edition of Robert Hirsch's Photographic Possibilities, are Mark Franklin, Augustus Valentinus Behrens and Leslie Shortlidge. Congratulations!

I will also thank ALL who took part in the competition and answered questions about social media, and which websites you use. As a result, we now have a brand new mash on our Community and Events pages. And, trust me, it's just a start, more to come!

New artists!

All you artists out there have braved the season and still taken time to send in your new work, this month from:

Olga Savelieva

from Moscow, Russia, adds her Ziatypes, made from pinholes.

Francie van der Wielen

from the Netherlands adds her work in Oil prints and Bromoils.

More artists with updated galleries:

And for a limited period only - the 2010 Calendar

Just to remind all those of you who are planning for next year, or need a quick Christmas present, to get our 2010 calendar. It will - for obvious reasons - only be available for a limited period of time. Take a look. ~ contact us ~ © copyright, all rights reserved