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November 2009 Newsletter


Waiting for Polaroid? Well, use Fuji!

Waiting for Polaroid film to re-emerge, well, here is how to do both image transfers and emulsion lifts using Fuji film.

To clarify: Polaroid films will most probably be in production again in the future. The impossible project does now seem possible. They have inspired Polaroid to relaunch instant cameras and they aim to re-start production of instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010... not too far away. Support them, get the t-shirt, or at least, don't bin your old Polaroid cameras just yet! Read more at

So how do you do it? Well, here is how:

Fuji emulsion lifts

Steven Berkowitz tells us how to make emulsion transfers using Fuji instant film...

Fuji image transfer

...and how to make image transfers using Fuji instant film.


We would also like to highlight The Wedgwood to Bromoil course of 17 day-long workshops in the UK, including asphaltum, salt, platinum, copper plate gravure, gum and bromoil. Read more at:

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