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October 2009 Newsletter


Take a look at our brand new galleries!

We've decided to update the galleries. We currently show over 300 photographers work. They are ALL coded by hand in html. For those of you who are familiar with webdesign and production, will realize the time invested in making over 6000 pages by hand. More photographers add their work all the time, and existing artists want to update their work - which is great - we absolutely love seeing new work.

But, the time it took to do the work was not sustainable. So, over the last month we have been working hard with some new software, which will make the galleries dynamic. This means that they will be a lot easier to manage for us, and they will have interesting functions, like keyword searches (this means you can search on "cyanotypes" for example and see all the cyanotype images, or all images made by someone called "John Smith" and so on). And the newest galleries with the latest work will always be on top of the list.

And, we are hoping to make a map too, where all of the artists locations can be shown. We are at a stage where we feel comfortable enough to launch the new galleries.

A note to the artists with work in the galleries: The "old" galleries will of course stay, so for all artists with work on the website currently, there will be no change. Once you update your work, it will move into the new style gallery. Over the next year we are hoping to gradually move all the old galleries across to the new style.

Read more: How to get a gallery here or update an existing gallery

Curious of the new look? Here are the first artists to be added to the new gallery:

James Gilmore

A faculty photography instructor from California, USA, shows us his platinum and palladiums, made with a pinhole camera.

Steven Dowell

Steven, from Houston, Texas, USA works in gum: Gum bichromates and Gum over platinum and palladium.

Olga Yakovleva

From Moscow, Russia, prints in a wide variety of processes. ~ contact us ~ © copyright, all rights reserved