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August 2009 Newsletter


Autumn workshop?

If you are holding - or attending - a workshop this autumn, it is a good idea to brush up a little on the subject. Here are some great workshop books:



Blueprint to cyanotypes - Exploring a historical alternative photographic process

Clearly illustrated step-by-step guide.


Making Digital Negatives

E-book from Mike Ware.


A non-silver manual

Full of ideas for workshops.

From pinhole to print - Inspiration, instructions and insights in less than an hour

Our own beginners guide to pinholing.


 The Wet Collodion Plate. 16 Steps To Making The Plates
The Wet Collodion Plate. 16 Steps To Making the Plates

Instructions from Will Dunniway.


Experimental photography workbook

Recommended both for beginners and pros.

Looking for something else?

Here are more books.


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