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August 2009 Newsletter


Building a UV printer and making Platinotype prints

Back in action after the summer, and lots of hands-on. Carlo shows us how he builds a UV printer on a budget, and Gary Auerbach takes us though the simple steps of Platinotype printing. In East London an interesting pinhole project took place, which lead to a book. Enjoy.


New articles


Platinotype printmaking

Gary Auerbach recounts the personal journey that led to his discovery of the platinotype printmaking process 20 years ago, and outlines a simple technique for making your own prints using this archival and very beautiful process.



 UV printer
Building a UV printer

Carlo Ponzoni finds the sun quite unreliable and builds his own UV printer.



 UV printer
Romano Bumburumbum picture book - in pinhole

The Roma picture book Romano Bumburumbum is a collaboration by Akademia Pstryk, The Children's Society and a group of 7 to 14 years old talented Roma children living in East London.



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