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July 2009 Newsletter


Follow us on all social media possible... well, almost!

To date, there has been our Newsletter - by email. It will still show everything new on the website. You are subscribed. It is the very same one you just received here.

But, today it seems to be a must to be on all the social medias, are not content just receiving a plain old email in their inbox. So, for all of you out there who are up on the latest social mediums, here are several ways to follow our news:


Follow us here

You Tube channel

Our You Tube channel shows films made by us (with help of Antony Mournian). Currently just one, but more will follow soon. Subscribe to our channel


Our blog will show some of the highlights from the newsletter, though not all. Can also be followed in your RSS feed. Follow our blogg



Once in a while we twitter - quick news in one line, to your cellphone. Follow our tweets

Facebook group

Our Facebook group will highlight some quick news. It will also help us spread the word about alternative photographic processes. Join our group and invite others too. Join our Facebook group

Facebook page

Our Facebook page profiles our website. Show your support, become a "fan", and share the page with your friends. Become a fan of our Facebook page



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