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July 2009 Newsletter


Gum and negatives, and a peek of a workshop on wetplates!

Peter Blackburn is back again. This time to show us how to change our gum negatives to get the right result. Will Dunniway has also done the "Collodion Tour" of Yosemite Valley. Perhaps a good spot for vacation?


New articles


 gum bichromate
Gum and negatives with a twist of Français

Peter shows how variables in gum printing can alter the desired outcome of your negatives.


Chemicals and kits
If you are starting out in the gum bichromate process , try Digitaltruth Photo, they supply 3 different kits, as well as a range of other alt. proc. chemicals. And, they ship everywhere.

 Will Dunniway wet plate collodion
Will Dunniway's 'Dirty Hand' Collodion Tour of Yosemite Valley

A picture diary of a Web Plate Collodion workshop in May 2009.



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