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May 2009 Newsletter


Tina Maas on liquid light on
wax, and a new magazine!

There is nothing new under the sun... or is there? Tina Maas does not claim her process to be new, but it seems like a new way of going about it. We also get to see Tina's new updated gallery and read her profile, in an interview from Diffusion magazine - a new magazine on alt. proc.

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New articles

Liquid light emulsion on wax

Tina shows us how she makes photographs on floating pieces of wax.

Tina Maas

An interview by Diffusion magazine on her Ophelia series.

Recommended reading


Diffusion magazine - unconventional photography, volume 1, 2009

In these times, someone is brave enough to start up a new magazine. All we can do is give them standing ovations. Take a look at this yearly magazine.

The magazine is ready to ship, and for those who order, it will be sent out on the 5th of May. Enjoy the read!



New artists


Artist and gallery news

Zbigniew Wielgosz - from Poland works in gum bichromates. Here he shows his colourful still lifes.

"Old" artists with new work this month:

Tina Maas - Adds floating liquid light emulsion on wax (see also article above)


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