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May 2009 Newsletter


Pinhole book - now shipping!

If you are curious about pinholing, or want to read a different approach to making a pinhole camera, take a look at our brand new book on pinholing!


New pinhole book - ready to ship!


From pinhole to print - Inspiration, instructions and insights in less than an hour

From pinhole to print will guide you from drilling your first pinhole to printing your first pinhole photograph. It is an easy to read, step-by-step guide to making a pinhole camera and creating images. Today – when most cameras are brimming with digital functionality - many seek relief in the simplicity of a basic pinhole camera. Pinholing is a very pure form of photography.

The pinhole camera that you will build is simple, but pinholing has few limitations.

Pinholing is a fantastic way to discover photography. Building the camera, loading the paper and taking a first picture gives the beginner an understanding of the basic skills used in photography. Developing your first print can be a thrilling experience.

The artists’ gallery will inspire you to experiment and see how you can take your pinholing further. Once you get started you may even become a dedicated pinhead! Read more



Book review


Bookreview: From pinhole to print

Anthony Mournian from the Photographers' Formulary reviews the pinhole guide, and, in the end, makes a few pinholes himself




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