March 2009 Newsletter


New books and artists!

Freezing February has just come to and end... finally. We are looking forward to spring and the lovely rays of the sun - strong enough to expose our prints. Soon, soon, soon. In the meantime:

Artist and gallery news

Jennifer Linnea Daly - from Magalia, California, shows what can be done with just a little spinach and sun with her anthotypes. And, since there are now as many as seven anthotype artists on the site, we've opened a gallery just for anthotypes.

"Old" artists with new work this month:

J.P. Corr III - Adds more of his Gymnotypes


Will Dunniway's two new collodion books - just out!

The Wet Collodion Plate. 16 Steps To Making The Plates
The Wet Collodion Plate.

16 Steps To Making The Plates
by Will Dunniway

Instructions on how to make the plates.

"Well worth it!"

Will Dunniway The Collodion Photographer -
Spanning three centuries with the wet plate collodion process

by Will Dunniway
Will's portfolio book in limited edition. Including 140 images.

10% off until end of February only!

Exploring Simple Lenses

by John Evans

An in-depth practical guide to creative image-making.
Now only 19,8 dollars - including postage to anywhere in the world!

"Excellent value for money"
9 of 10


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