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October 2008

Cyanotype, photosynthesis and gum!

Autumn is here and so are workshops. If you are a teacher or running workshops, email us your snail mail address and we'll send you some cards to give out to your students. Email:

Below are also 4 how-to articles. Hopefully these will come in handy as well.

Cyanotype chemicals in a rusty old jar

The myth: Don't use a brush with a metal ferrule! True or not?

Photosynthesis: A world where you can grow your own photographic supplies

Rosie lets her images develop slowly on the actual plant.

Silvergum - gum over silver gelatin

Denise explains how to print gum bichromates over handcrafted silver gelatin paper.

How to produce low-contrast cyanotype prints

Angelo digs out a cyanotype formula to make the prints less contrasty.


Show your face on 100 square pixel portrait

For artists with a gallery page on this site: Don't be shy!

As you know by now, the gallery main pages are leading off to the gallery pages for each one of you. Many of you have your portrait on there, that is very nice! For those of you who don't we invite you to send us a 100x100 pixels portrait of yourself to use on this page. It can be a classic portrait, like Piotr Syguda's (top left) or if you are shy, a more abstract one like Anastasiia Zavalo's (bottom left), or an in between, like Aaron Boot's/Jan Kapoor's (right).

Email your portrait to us:

Please put "Gallery portrait" in the subject line.


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