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We welcome 4 new artists!

In the galleries we welcome our first Swiss photographer, as well as 3 other talents. Enjoy.



José is Portuguese, but lives in Swizerland. Here we can see his platinum and palladiums.


Michael Morris

Michael from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, shows us his still life vandykes, some of which he tones with gold.

Piotr Syguda

Piotr, from Alpharetta, USA, shows us his lithprints and gum bichromates - many of which are streetscenes.

In the UK? Meet Mike Ware!

Siderotype: Prints in Gold, Blood and Salt
Where: The Siderotype Gallery, Brighton Media Centre, 68 Middle St, Brighton

Artists in the show: Morgan Faulkner, Clare Hankinson, Tom Hawkins, Martin Helmut Reis, Nirmala Savadekar, Mike Ware, Lukas Werth and Ellie Young.

Artists are from the UK, Canada, Germany, India, Australia & the USA, and working in alternative processes.

When: October 3rd - November 14th 2008
Opening Friday October 3rd from 11:00-20:00 and thereafter every Saturday and Sunday to November 9th from 11:00-16:00. Viewings weekdays throughout the Biennial and Fringe by appointment.

On the 3rd and the 4th Mike will be available to offer advice on portfolios.

The prices on Mike Ware's books Gold in Photography and The Chrysotype Manual have also been reduced!

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Lith print materials update

For all of you that bought Tim Rudman's book The world of lith printing there is now an updated materials list available - free of course. The list will also be sent out when The world of lith printing is purchased.

Read the materials list article 2004 with illustrations

Or download the materials list 2008 here as a pdf.


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