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September 2008

We're back again!

Hope you all had a good summer break! We're back again, and this time with the results from the Sizing survey - thank you so much to all of you who shared your experience and recipes. Wonderful.

And, Geoff Chaplin, a gumprinter shares his sizing secrets, and if you're looking for formulas, there is the article from Jill Enfield from her book - soon back in print again, we'll keep you posted. Take a look and decide wheter sizing is for you or not.

Results of the Sizing survey
Which papers to size? Which formula to use? Take part and share your sizing experience or learn from others.

Sizing or subbing papers
An excerpt from Jill's book complete with how-to and formulas on how to size papers.

Testing paper sizing for gum prints
Is sizing needed as a complement to your working method? Follow the tests to find out.


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