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New artists!

Again, this month shows some new talents. From Photosynthesis, gum, platinum and palladium to albumen prints. Something here for everyone!


Michael Andersen

Michael is a professional photographer from Florida, working in Platinum and Palladium photographing everything from portraits to architecture.

Tovis Bratsburg

Tovis, a photographer from Grand Rapids, Michigan, shows his Albumen portraits.


Rosemary Horn

A New Zealander living in the UK is making imagery using the sun. Photosynthesis and anthotypes are high on her list.

Maximillian Fabbri

Account from Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2008 - at 2 years and 4 months is Maximillian the youngest participant?

Denise Ross

Denise, from South Beach in Oregon, USA shows us her handcrafted silver gelatin prints and also her gum bichromates.

The Pocket Engineer, Volume 2

How to Make Pop-Ups Step-by-Step

Carol Barton

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