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May 2008

Fine tuning processes

This newsletter is all about processes, improving and fine tuning. Elizabeth Graves shows you how to drastically improve your cyanotypes with vinegar, Sandy King gets into the nitty gritty of carbon transfers and Cody Goddard is making additional Polaroid 669 prints. We hope you find them useful, but if these processes are not your thing, there is always pinhole day on Sunday! Have fun!

Oh... last but not least: The website just turned 8 years old! We celebrate with some new t-shirts, mugs, pins and even bumperstickers!


Vinegar-developed cyanotypes: Non-Toxic Midtone Contrast Control

Elizabeth examines acetic acid development and disprove the myths about developing in vinegar.


The Carbon Transfer Process

Sandy King, the author of the book of Carbon and Carbro tells us how to make carbon transfers.

Polaroid 669 Transfer Process: A hybrid process by Cody Goddard

Cody discovered a process to use the throwaway side of 669 film to make an additional print.


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