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4 new artists!

Spring brings us 4 new talented artists. Get inspired, get out and do some photography in the warm spring sun!


Peter J. Blackburn

Peter, a freelance photographer from Dallas and the contributor of the instructions for the Gum Bichromate process here, shows us his Casein pigment prints and Gum bichromate portfolio.


J.P. Corr III

J.P. from Apex, North Carolina, USA shows us his work in a process he calls the Gymnotype process, a type of non-toxic photo-amalgamation process.

Lene Bennike

Lene, from Denmark, is a documentary and portrait photographer working in cyanotypes, palladium and gravure.

Keith Nourse

Keith, born in London, but now enjoying life in France, shows us his work in Cyanotype, gum, salt and vandyke, inspired by the work of great classic photographers.

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