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April 2008

Get pinholing!

On April 27th, the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day takes place again. It has grown immensly. In 2001 291 photgraphers took part, and by 2007 the number was over ten times that. How many will it be this year, and will you be one of them? Read the interview with Tom Miller. And, also take a closer look at Tarja Trygg's Solargraphics project.

Interview with Tom Miller
Tom Miller, one of the photgraphers behind the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day talks about the event and his own pinhole obsession.


Solargraphy - The art of catching the sun's path through a pinhole camera
Tarja Trygg, of Finland is mapping out the sun all over the world. In her amazing pinhole project, she sends her pinhole cameras all over the world to record the paths of the sun all over the world.


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