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March 2008

European Travelling Portfolio, new artists and edition II of Christopher James' book

For all of you who will not be able to see the European Travelling Portfolio 2007/2008 live on one of it's locations, it is now on the internet. Take a look below.

And for those of you wishing to learn a new alt. proc. skill or get deeper into one you already tried, Christopher James will help you on the way with the new expanded edition of his book The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes it's a must to have on the bookshelf!

Christopher James doesn't need an introduction to most of us, many already have edition one of The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes. The great news is that there is now a second edition available!

"The first edition of The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes is recognized as the definitive reference text in alternative process photography. This significantly expanded edition is a comprehensive resource, exploring every aspect of alternative process image making."

It includes lensless cameras, calotype, salted paper, anthotype, cyanotype, argyrotype, chrysotype, POP, kallitype, ambrotype, wet collodion & gelatin dry plate emulsions, Van Dyke, platinum / palladium, Ziatype, carbon, gum bichromate, albumen, alternative paper, emulsions, & imaging systems, and digital negative workflows. Read more here.

Or... buy it on Amazon:

UK/Europe: Buy 'The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes' from Amazon.co.uk

USA: Buy 'The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes' from Amazon.com


European Travelling Portfolio 2007/2008

Hellena Cleary and Alex Chater took the initiative to open The European Travelling Portfolio, with participants from Europe. The prints are approximately A4 size and will spend a long time travelling from participant to participant and perhaps to exhibitions too.

Rebecca Bushner

From Tucson, Arizona, USA has sent us her Cyanotypes in Mixed Media. Rebecca prints the cyanotype, then applies acrylic paint, ink, and pencil to create a cross between a photograph and a painting.

Alexey Belov

A math teacher from Zelenograd in Russia with a passion for many of the alternative processes such as Lithprints, Liquid emulsion, Polroid transfers, and Oilprints shows his work.

Stanislav Belyaevsky

from St Petersburg (living in Finland) is a ballet dancer spending his spare time exploring alternative photographic processes such as Bromoils and Liquid emulsion.

Ruben arrived!

On the 27 of January we had a little boy, weighing in at a little over 4 kg - 9 pounds. Of course, we are hoping he will have an interest in photography and be an addition to "the alternative photographic process familiy"! Here he is, just a few days old.



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