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February 2008

New wetplate collodion in SF and Gum Birchromate printing articles

This month brings a mixed bag of articles: Michael Shindler's new wetplate collodion studio, Edward Levinson's book and a brand new version of the Gum bichromate process by Peter J. Blackburn. There should be something for everyone!

Wet plate collodion studio rental in San Francisco

Elizabeth Graves interviews Michael Shindler of RayKo Photo Center after the opening of a new a wet plate collodion darkroom/studio for hire.

Interview with Edward Levinson

Gregg Kemp from Pinhole Visions interviews Edward Levinson after reading his book Timescapes Japan - A Pinhole Journey.

An introduction to the gum bichromate process

Peter J. Blackburn, a freelance photographer and gumprinter from Dallas shares his experience of gum printing.

Become a Can Assistant!

Tarja Trygg, of Finland is mapping out the sun all over the world. In her amazing pinhole project, she sends her pinhole cameras all over the world to record the paths of the sun all over the world. Help her out by becoming a Can Assistant. Read more on Solargraphy.com or contact Tarja through her projects website.



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