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December 2007

The Italian get-together, coating and cyanotype paper tests

The Rodolfo Namias Group in Italy are seriously into alterantive photographic processes. The interview below is a little on how they got started and where they're going next.

There is also an extract from th book Alternative Photography Processes describing different coating methods and the method best suited for each process, and a test from a finnish researcher on which cyanotype papers work best, and testing of cyanotype paper. Plenty to keep you busy? Enjoy!

Coating paper by floating, rod or brush

The three most common ways of coating emulsion onto paper are floating the paper, using a coating rod, or brushing it on. An extract from the book Alternative Photography Processes.

The Rodolfo Namias Group

A group of Italian photographers and artists working with alternative photographic processes.

Tests in blue - papers for cyanotypes

Jalo Porkkala has tested papers for cyanotype printing and shares the result.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Jukka-Pekka is a Finnish writer, composer and visual artist, living in Puhos, Kitee. He works with Chemigrams, lumen prints and polaroid manipulations.

Martin van Kampen

Martin van Kampen from the Netherlands is showing his portfolio of Cyanotypes, gum, lithprints and vandykes.


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