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Newsletter special
September 2007


Two new books and surveys!

Two books: Alternative Photography Processes by Mark L. Eshbaugh and The Art of Bromoil and Transfer from David W. Lewis are now available. And we are also asking you for some help with two other titles:If you bought or read any of our titles Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I or Blueprint to cyanotypes, please let us know what you thought by filling out a quick survey below.

Alternative Photography Processes

A worker's guide.

Mark L. Eshbaugh

Alternative Photography Processes is a step-by-step introductory guide to several printmaking processes. Chapters include: Platinum/Palladium, Ziatype, VanDyke, Kallitype, Salted Paper, POP, Mordancage, Reticulation, Cyanotype, Chrysotype, Gum Dichromate, Inkodye, Liquid Emulsion, Pinhole and Polaroid. Read more.

The Art of Bromoil & Transfer

David W. Lewis

This 119 page hardcover clearly and concisely describes the processes thoroughly. Detailed instructions are provided for each stage of the process and special attention is given to mastering the inking technique using traditional bromoil brushes. The book contains 28 plates, including nine historical reproductions from his collection of old master's work as well as six technical illustrations. Read more.

Did you read the book? Let us know what you think!

If you bought any or both of the titles below, please give us feedback on the books by filling in a very short and quick survey. We'd really appreciate it!

Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I

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Blueprint to cyanotypes - Exploring a historical alternative photographic process

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