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September 2007


Tri-colour gum recipe

For all "gummers" out there, Sam Wang has contributed with a tri-colour gum recipe. He shows us how to achieve wonderful colours in the prints. And, also, and interview with the man behind The List Gordon J. Holtslander.


Tri-colour gum printing

Sam Wang shows us how to colour gum prints using three layers.

Interview with Gordon J. Holtslander

Interview with the man behind the "The-alt-photo-process mailing list", also known as just The List.

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Nancy A. Coviello

from San Francisco has had a love for art from the time she can remember and had studied Fine Art throughout her school career. She took a course in Printmaking and had combined what she was learning with photo-etching she shows us her shows us her Photogravures

Jamie Williams

from St. Louis, USA shows us his Infrareds. He worked as a paramedic for many years. His career in rescue ended when Jamie became physically distressed, dealing with post traumatic shock. He uses his art as part of his recovery.


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