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August 2007


Hands on anthotypes and cyanotypes!

Take the chance to catch some UV rays while they're still strong. We share some practical tips on two processes that are perfect for outdoor printing - cyanotype and anthotype. The cyanotype recipe has been updated with new fresh images and text. And Steven Pitsenbarger shares his anthotype secrets in an article. Also, check out the work of three new artists.

Working with anthotypes

Steven tells us how he achieved amazing colours using nothing but plants.

The classic cyanotype process

A modified extract from the book Blueprint to cyanotypes describing the classic or traditional cyanotype process.


Eric Mertens

Eric, from Oakland, California, USA is a recent graduate, showing us his work in Ambrotypes and Daguerrotypes.

Neil Larsen

Neil finds the Polaroid image transfer to be the ideal medium to express his creativity and portray impressions of his surroundings in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Jeane Vogel

Jeane is a Polaroid SX-70 artist from St. Louis, showing us an alternative vision of the world.



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