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July/August 2007


Double issue!

Summer is the best time for printing cyanotypes, so we're taking a short break, switching the computer off, but will be back at the end of august with more news.

Washing cyanotypes printed on fabric or cloth

How to care for and wash your cyanotypes printed on fabric.

Interview with Carol Barton

Interview with a book artist, paper engineer and author of the Pocket Paper Engineer.


Steven Pitsenbarger

Steven, from San Francisco, California, USA, spends his life around plants, and, naturally he chooses the totally environmentally safe Anthotype process to document his work. He has managed to achieve some amazing colours with this natural process. Take a look. In the next newsletter he will be letting us in on his secrets.

Arunas Kulikauskas

Arunas from Lithuania is showing us his pinholes and emulsion lifts. He has taken his polaroid experimenting to a new level, lifting the emulsion onto a variety of surfaces.

Claudia Wornum

Claudia, also from San Francisco, shows her pinhole photographs. She puts a spin on her work with the Sabbatier effect and different developers.



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