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June 2007


Summer book discounts - less than two weeks left!

The heat is here and so are hopefully some lazy days reading a good book. We suggest getting one of the specialists alt. proc. titles available here. Two titles carry a discount until friday the 29th of June.


Exploring simple lenses

An in-depth practical guide to creative image-making

Now only 19 USD

Exploring simple lenses is a truly comprehensive examination of the fascinating world of shooting with single-element lenses. It features twelve main chapters, twelve appendices, and a glossary. Its highly detailed coverage includes an extensive Gallery section, as well as diverse practical topics, such as construction methods, more than 50 lens assembly 'case histories', and guidelines on basic and advanced exposure control. More esoteric areas deal with image-formation using non-optical household items, and unconventional lens mounting and focusing techniques. Read more here.


The Story Behind the Images

Part fine-art coffee table book, part how-to manual.

Now only 32 USD posted to the US or 41 posted anywhere else.

From fashion to still life to alternative processes, the author presents a collection of images that will engage and inspire! And behind every image there is a story to be told: How was the image created? What equipment was used? How was the lighting set up?

Take a journey behind the lens with the photographer as he presents what went into each image and what went on behind the scenes. Explore a variety of photographic techniques and learn tips on how to create traditional multiple exposures, digital image manipulations, Polaroid image transfers, emulsion lifts, SX-70 manipulations, salt prints, cyanotypes, and infrared images in a step-by-step "How-To" section. Read more here.

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