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Newsletter Special
April 2007


New dimensions in photo processes

Recognize the headline? Well, it's the title of Laura Blackow's new edition of her book on photographic processes. The 4th edition is a step by step manual and guide to non-silver imaging. This book has it all: historical information, health & safety tips and detailed descriptions of materials and methods needed to make Solvent transfers, Cyanotypes, Vandyke prints, Gum bichromates and Platinum and Palladium prints. Below are two extracts from the book. To read more, get the book on Amazon.


Pinhole photography

An extract from Laura Blacklow's book New Dimensions in Photo Processes written by Jesseca Ferguson and Walter Crump, the two very talented Bostonian pinhole artists.

Casein pigment prints

Laura says:

"I chose casein printing for this image because it is a delicate process, which creates subtle colors and forces me to slow down as I work."

New Dimensions In Photo Processes

Laura Blacklow
A step-by-step manual to many of the processes.


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