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Newsletter special
March 2007


Art and Artists, Edition I, reviewed

Many of you have your work in the "Art and Artists" book. Many more of you have read it, and perhaps some of you are thinking about reading it. Here is what Anthony Mournian from the Photographers' Formulary thinks about the book.


Bookreview: Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I

Anthony Mournian from the Photographers' Formulary reviews the big book of inspiration.

Here is how to get the book:

Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I

Softback or hardback
A book of inspiration showing the work of 115 artists currently working in alternative processes.
Strongly recommended for inspiration

"The only published resource of its kind, Alternative Photography: Art and Artists, Edition I represents the forefront of a worldwide movement of individuals who have retaken control of photographic printing and imagery. The vibrant re-emergence of the laboratory/wet processing subculture alongside the digital darkroom is set to influence aesthetic and critical sensibilities throughout the art world. The art and artists series has come at precisely the right moment."

"I got my book, and it's such a wonderful resource for when I teach alternative processes!"

"WOW! Nicely done. The book has inspired me to try other alternative process photography."

"I look forward to using this excellent book as a source of inspiration for my advanced photography students."

"It arrived quickly and is absolutely wonderful."

"I bought the book and its great. It's a different experience to look at pictures in your hand then looking at them on a web site. My students have really enjoyed the book as well. It's a fine product."

"You did a wonderful job! You end your newsletter with "get inspired", well, all though I do my alternative processes for many years, I'm truly inspired by it."

"It exceeded my expectations, Thanks!"

"I really like the variety of content and the photographs are reproduced at a nice size for viewing. I do like the book very much and will use it as a reference in addition to the website to become inspired."

"The concept and content are exceptional. You have brought together both the technical description and the personal motivation of each artist working in a particular alt process. The styles of work represented, from traditional to experimental and everything in between, mixed within every conceivable process. I feel the book will become an important resource in our field (and for anyone with an interest in photographs), where else can you see this much work in so many different processes, working styles and get personal insight from each artist about their work."

"While nothing beats seeing the work in real life the book provides an excellent resource for all of us in terms of the variety and depth of work being done in alternative processes."

"It's not only beautifully produced with high quality reproductions of the images and a clean layout, but is filled with a panoply of alternative processes, some of which I've never seen before. A truly inspiring book and a great resource."

"The layout and design of the book is very presentable. It is good to see what other photographers are doing with thee processes and the standard of work, they are achieving."

"I am a collector of first edition books and will only purchase the book if it qualifies with the standards below in the text, believe me yours does! I was very worried when you talked about on demand printing but was pleasantly surprised when the books arrived."

"I have really enjoyed the book, and I will be showing it to students when I teach alternative processes. The layout and cover are clean and professional, and the variety and overall quality of work inside is so high."

"The book is an absolute credit to you. I am impressed with the layout - the quality of the printing and the reproduction of the book"

"I was really surprised and happy about the picture quality of the print and to see so much and excelent photography from all the artists. All in all: I have the book, I'm happy, facinated, inspired and would like to thank you for all this great work!"

"It is a beautiful book, very nicely done and one to be quite proud of. It is a great sampling of artists."

"Impressive range of work, and a welcome sampling from many countries. It is an inspiring book."

"I love the book. It is a wonderful thing you have made for the world. What an undertaking and may it be a success. You rock girl."

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