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March 2007


Processes - dags and vd's

This month Jason Greenberg Motamedi has done a write up on the Daguerrotype process. For experienced chemists only! Elizabeth Graves writes about Vandyke over Cyanotype, an easier option for those wanting to experiment. And, of course, there is also the gallery work of 4 new artists to enjoy!


Peter Wiklund

a "pinhead" from Stockholm, adds his pinhole cyanotypes and polaroid transfers.

Edward Richards

from Australia has sent us his worldwide cyanotypes and saltprints.

Igor Stevanovic

from Serbia adds his manipulated Polaroids.

Petr Strnad

lives in London, born in the Czech republic, adds his Cyanotypes and vandykes.

A Brief Guide to Becquerel Daguerreotypy

A description of the process by Jason Greenberg Motamedi.

Vandyke over Cyanotype: a combination process with special effects

Elizabeth Graves examines the effects of ageing on the "blue vandyke" process.



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