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February 2007


Polaroid manipulations

For those not wanting to mix your own chemicals and set up a darkroom, the Polaroid films provide a great creative outlet. Here, Jenelle Norris shows us two more ways of creating interesting effects using Polaroid film. And, also below is her and three other artists galleries. Enjoy.


An introduction to Polaroid 600 and image film manipulation

by Jenelle Norris. Polaroid techniques are gaining in popularity, and here is another way to create a unique result.

Indirect Low Light Polaroid 600 Photograms

Jenelle lets us in on how she creates her Polaroid photograms.

Jenelle Norris

from Minnesota adds her polaroid manipulations and has also contributed an article on the subject.


Steve Lewis

from the US, shows us his Kallitypes.

Michel Herin

from Belgium adds Cyanotypes and Gum bichromates.

Carmen Lizardo

from Kingston, New York, USA adds her portraits in Gum bichromates.



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