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Newsletter November 2006


Hang it on the wall!

Time to get those photos up on the wall! Peter Wiklund runs us through the choices of choosing a mat and Elizabeth Graves shows us how to cut one ourselves. Sarah van Keuren also shares an extract from her book A non-silver manual on light-resists. And, as always, new artist works!

matted cyanotype print

How to mount and mat a print for framing

Elizabeth instructs us on how to cut a mat for your prints.

Choosing the right mat

Peter runs us through the choices we have to make when choosing a mat.

Light-resists without camera or computer

An extract from Sarah's book Non-Silver Manual.

Dennis da Silva
a fine art printer from South Africa adds his vandykes and salt prints.
Juan Manuel Ipiña
from Buenos Aires adds his cyanotype people photograms.
Rebecca Szatkowski
from Oakland, California, USA shows her natural plant vandykes.
Robin Guido
from Santa Fe in New Mexico adds her Polaroid transfers.
Roy Inman
shows us his Polaroid SX-70 manipulations.
Suzanne Guinee
from New York City adds her Polaroid transfers.
Vadim Tolstov
from Omsk, Russia shows us his Temperaprints.
Sandy King
The master of Carbon printing from Easley, South Carolina adds his works.
Ralph Rinke
from Vancouver, Canada shows us his platinum and palladiums.


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